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Sworn & Certified Translations

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Sworn & Certified Translations

Sworn & Certified Translations


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  • Rapidity and Competence

    We work only with qualified and experienced translators, professionals who know…
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    Rapidity and Competence
  • Professionalism

    Sworn & Certified Translations of documents and works no matters the domain or the degree of difficulty: English, French…
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  • Reliability

    Experience in the translation field recommends us. Interactis Iasi has been on this market since 2002, making translations…
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About us

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traduceri-autorizate-roWe have been on the translation market since 2002, growing step by step, aiming to become an example, setting trends that were copied by our competitors later on. We currently have three offices in Iasi and collaborations all over the country and worldwide.

We work for major companies in Romania, as well as for individual customers. What recommends us is reliability, adaptability, highly qualitative services, to sum up, what each and every customer is looking for. We offer fast and competent solutions to our clients requests, clients who choose QUALITY instead of amateurism.

We work only with translators with experience, good professionals who know how to make an excellent job. Customers know how important a translation made accurately is and how much can cost an unprofessional service.

Our business has diversified naturally, in order to meet our clients requests. We offer translation services at high standards; we can offer development solutions to companies with foreign or Romanian capital who want either to set a business here or abroad. Tourism and touristic services are also a part of our activity. All this has a common bond: GLOBALIZATION.


  • Sworn & Certified Translations of documents and works no matters the domain or the degree of difficulty: English, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Portuguese, Turkish, Hebrew, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Arabic, Albanian, Czech, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, other rare languages;
  • Notarization services;
  • Apostilles, superlegalizations of documents;
  • Complex files for the validation and certification of the diplomas and of the professional qualifications obtained in Romania for the European Union or obtained in other countries across the world and validated here, in Romania;
  • Certifications, endorsements and legalizations of documents at ministries, embassies and consulates;
  • Files for the celebration of marriages of foreign citizens on the territory of Romania or of Romanian citizens abroad;
  • Family reunification for Romanian citizens abroad;
  • Obtaining residence and citizenship for Romanian citizens in the countries of the European Union;
  • Interpretation services, interactive & customized lectures;
  • Professional services and solutions for setting foreign companies or any other forms of organisation agreed here in Romania;


12Nov 2018


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Contact Information

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MEET US AT ONE OF OUR 2 OFFICES (Online Contact: office@interactis.ro; ro_translation@yahoo.com)

  • Address 1: Iasi, Str. 14 Decembrie 1989 nr. 3-5 Phone/Fax: 0332806107 Mobile: 0729820077
  • Address 2: Iasi, Str. Arcu nr. 23 Phone/Fax: 0332805729, 0332805730 Mobile: 0723353052

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